Sam is the founder of 3DLifeStyleee Academy. After working as a Software Engineer for over 18 years for some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies like Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Apple, Expedia, etc., he realized that his dreams were too big to be fulfilled working for someone else. So he ventured out as an Entrepreneur in his quest to design a lifestyle that he always desired for him and his family. Prior to 3DLifeStyleee Academy, he also built and successfully launched two of his own software products.

Total Domination Package Is One of The Most Comprehensive 
Done-For-You Program to help you build & launch a highly successful online business quickly!

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned internet marketer or simply looking for a way to start living the laptop lifestyle, Total Domination Package’s step-by step, click-by-click video tutorials will walk you through every step of building your business the right way. From the Build to Optimize to Scale phase, this will help you quickly start your business and 10x it’s success with practically ZERO learning curve!

Sam believes that to be a truly successful entrepreneur, you need the following 3 attributes:

  • Burning Desire to be successful
  • Unwavering Determination to reach higher
  • Absolute resolve to Dominate the competition!
He likes to call it a 3DLifeStyleee, and his goal is to help budding entrepreneurs get from just having a Desire to actually Dominating their competition as soon as possible!
Sam is amazing. There are very few people who are as advanced or knowledgeable as he is. Even though he’s relatively new, I like his style because he’s so for the person. He’s able to explain in a step-by-step, kind, unthreatening and simple way that I’ve learned a massive amount and he’s helped me a great deal to improve my business. If you want to start a business and want to earn money on it, Sam is who you need. His training materials are fabulous. I hope you’re fortunate enough to snag him.
Kristine Ciesinski​
Business Owner
Sam’s online training programs have helped me bring my internet marketing business to the next level. He’s a great person and a great mentor
Steve Kane
Business Owner
Sam is the man when it comes to building an online business. He’s an expert at what he does.
We’re so glad we met him and we’ve learnt so much from him
Pastor Paul Lloyd
Pastor Paul & Sheryl Lloyd
Business Owner
We met Sam at a Mastermind in Costa Rica. He really does have a great presence when he walks into the room. Once you get to know him, you know that he has an amazing grasp of the internet world and is very gracious when sharing his knowledge. He was instrumental in making the Mastermind a huge success. He is a great coach and mentor.
preston and laura biggs
Preston & Laura Biggs
Business Owner